Episode 4 - Meeting Manufacterie

wherein our party is divided and nearly killed in a cave-in, Bogey reclaims his orb, a confusion persists about what exactly a drow is, and Xul'gos defeats a foe many times larger than he is


Only moments after their defeat of the insects nesting in the cave, a hideous rotting fleshy construct frankencreature burst through the cave wall from some sort of facility adjacent to the cave, pursued by a gaggle of robots and a long-necked humanoid wearing what looked like an astronaut’s jumpsuit. Confronted by the party, the robots appeared confused about whom, precisely, they were supposed to apprehend, as did the long-necked grey. It was around this point that the cave ceiling, destabilized by the thrashings of the makeshift amateur frankenstein, began to fall on the party members, and trapping two out in the corridor (T’rissriia and Saleos). Most of the robots were destroyed in the cave-ins, as was Morax, the griffon whelp.

The party – nearly annihilated themselves – managed to bloody the enormous and powerful semi-man, who fled back through the destroyed facility from which he had emerged. The long-necked gray healed the party enough to where they weren’t all unconscious any more, and grieved when he saw the dead Morax, which he mourned as “the last of the gorgons”, as Morax and Rondanina – whom the grey, named Manufacterie, recognized as a common griffon – had switched sortilegios at an earlier point. Rondanina subsequently switched them back. Adding to Manufacturie’s confusion was the strange behavior of Bogey the goblin wizard, whom he addressed as “Technician” (which he also used to describe the goblin language), and the fact that the sortilegio of Xul’gos identified him as a drow, when that was what Manufacterie also claimed to be – the resemblance between them was virtually nonexistent.

Manufacterie somewhat passively pleaded for the party’s help in apprehending the rampaging semi-man – “The Failure” – that had, through as yet unexplained circumstances, become loose in the facility, but was largely ignored as the party poked around his rooms, and looted the uniform of Manufacterie’s dead, presumably slain companion. There was an aviary, in which Bogey the goblin wizard sought out and consumed a pigeon (he remains the only party member who has adequately eaten since their arrival several days ago – the rest have only managed to snack on bugs and small dino eggs).

Manufacterie at first seemed keen on “preserving” some element of the dead, putative “last gorgon” Morax, although this became more procedural and hesitant after its identity was re-established as “simple griffon”. He asked “Technician”, Bogey, to modify and preserve the creature, which Bogey did, putting a Pylon console into a random configuration that caused Morax to leak some of the otherworldly motor oil that had permeated it prior to its last resurrection, as the demonic bull spirit had been eradicated in the party’s presence. Bogey’s next configuration raised Morax to a semblance of life, although it seemed undead and zombie-like (while not recognizably “undead”, insofar as Xul’gos could discern).

Xul’gos sought out the Failure in the tunnels and faced him down in seemingly doomed single combat, but by repeatedly blinding it and hiding and striking stealthily at the howling creature in its confused fury, he managed to bring it down mere moments before nearly dropping dead himself.



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