Episode 5 - Memories and Hallucinations

The party resumed in the company of Manufacterie. Xul’gos returned from his epic battle with The Failure in which Xul’gos triumphed and returned with a portion of the Failure’s rib cage and breastplate to use as a shield. As Xul’gos pried his treasure off the Failure’s corpse he found the red crystalline body of a creature gestating within the Failure. The creature stood up and demanded to go with Xul’gos. The creature was named Lutros, and was identified as a πανδὸν. Manufacterie told the story of how he came to create the Failure, and how the Failure came to rebel against him. Goblin wizard and embalmer Bogey Noodleswrigger entered the pylon control area to make goblin-like experiments and generally mess around. He and Xul’gos experimented with the controls for some time and eventually fused some control gems together in an attempt to produce life itself. Improbably, they were successful, and a small glowing geological formation was produced that to all observers appeared to be completely sentient. Bogey gave the immobile gem-creature to Manufacterie, to keep him company, and Manufacterie was grateful.

Afterwards, the party attempted to reanimate the severed head of the Failure, and generally failed at this task, although they were able to pose several questions to it before its consciousness fled its crude shell: They asked what they could expect in the bowels of the facility – the tunnels that they had to traverse before they could exit to the surface once more – and whether or not it had ever loved Manufacterie. To the first question the Failure answered that fungus and myriad fire creatures awaited below, and to the second he essentially admitted that when he was unable to choose otherwise, he had loved Manufacterie, and when he was given the choice, he did not.

The party voyaged into the depths of the ruined & otherworldly factory encountered spores and hallucinations. During one hallucination, the amnesiac Rondanina encountered repressed memories of her childhood and her past. She remembered her past as a beautiful and virginal but vain and capricious human female magically bound to be the defender of the unicorns, who was cursed by gods to wear the hideous and poisonous visage of the gorgon. After recovering, Rondanina and the party fought a whole gaggle of animate mushroom men, which they defeated handily.



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