Episode 6 - First Farewells

LUTROS :: Self-diagnostic procedure :: Resultant diagnostic—from functions Lavendis, Fendulo, Bursaris and Omoro ::

1. Ova holds a sickle in its 7th hand. 2. The function of the πανδὸν is not to destroy the Halfworld in the sky but, as with all things, to recycle. 3. The greatest offense a πανδὸν can make is wastefulness. 4. Orrery archives are kept by Uphlos 06. (inconclusive diagnostic)] 5. There is no record missing from the archives of Orrery. Incompleteness is inconsistent with perfection. 6. Origin of monstruum is unknown to πανδὸν. Primary objective of πανδὸν is to discover the origin of Monstruum. Secondary objective is to discover its purpose. 7. Monstruum reservoir release Y/N? Y 8. There are no eras in Orrery. Distinction between chronological sectors is illusory and false.

Other diagnostic assertions that were obvious system errors were discarded, and the relevant functions disabled.

Lutros having revived from his diagnostic stupor, the characters continued on, en route to find a second exit from the cave after the primary exit had been collapsed by the patchwork creation of Manufacterie known as the Failure. They still had yet to reunite with two of their number, the beastmaster Saleos, and T’rissriia, drow warlord and sister of Xul’gos, who had been caught outside by the cave-in. They proceeded to the lower level of the cavern, an infernal and fiery chamber where they were confronted by a pack of doll-eyed dinosaur creatures bouncing on their tails and breathing fire. Shafts of light through the cavern floor seemed to infuse the creatures with renewed power, and they decimated the party, leaving two dead and baking on the hot stone—the goblin wizard Bogey Noodleswrigger and the πανδὸν Lutros. During the melee, a weird robot clockface professor appeared and took a tissue sample from Rondanina the gorgon swordmage and gave her a mysterious illuminated sphere to hold that she proved unable to put down of her own free will. He vanished for a time, reappeared to retrieve the sphere, and then teleported away again, leaving the party with a final, enigmatic “Data collected.”

At the end of the battle, Xul’gos found what he expertly recognized as a profoundly ancient and possibly mythical symbol of Drow history—the “first Underdark”. It turned out to be an operating mechanism of some sort of elevator, which he descended alone, to an unknown destiny. Meanwhile, a humanoid riding a dinosaur entered the cavern, observed the terrible lizard bodies lying all over the cavern, observed the two remaining live party members, Sanivlize and Rondanina.



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