Prologue - The Tower

in which we have our first glimpse of our new surroundings, and perhaps everyone dreams

cracked planet

A gaggle of monstrous creatures awake in a tower, naked, on what appear to be mortuary slabs of some sort. They are: a goblin wizard (Mordicai), a bugbear fighter (Ian), a half-elf cleric (Isana), a revenant paladin (Maggie), a kenku assassin (Erica), and a dolgaunt monk (Edbury). Each has a small puncture wound on the forehead, trickling blood, wearing sortilegio tokens about the necks. None has any memory of where they are or how they came to be there. A telescope of some sort – looking up into the heavens with a burning red sun, and a halved, shattered planet hovering in the sky. The characters are apparently … on another planet? Or plane? Or in the future? Who can say!

The red crystal element in the telescope was connected to some sort of large hypodermic needle-like device, which, by means of a heavy stone tied to the plunger was slowly pulling down, drawing the stopper downwards out of the needle. While half the party descended to a lower level full of masked torturers, one of the remaining characters ripped the plunger out of its housing, out of which flew several fully grown mouthless angelic looking creatures of fire. Fights raged in two locations of the tower, and though half unconscious, the monstrous party stood victorious at the end.

Then the characters were taken to an underground city beneath the tower, populated apparently by the indolent naked wealthy, who asked the characters to taste salt before communicating with them. There was some sort of Babylonian Lottery, and Bogey the goblin wizard was chosen to be the “Doxe”, which apparently meant getting his head chipped off and replaced with that of a robot which was spouting a stream of times and distances? One courtier spoke a language the party recognized as “Common” but that he called “Tower Speak”, and he tried to negotiate on behalf of the vicedoxe, to convince the party to slaughter some inhuman general organizing on the wasteland.

dungeons and domesticity



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