Bogey Noodleswrigger

Recycled Bogey

Bogey Noodleswrigger, also known as Recycled Bogey, is a goblin embalmer. He experienced what was perhaps a dream of waking up in a tower with his undead paladin companion Irkalla, and parleying with the doxe there, before waking up in the Grape Cluster Arcology with several companions, T’rissriia, Xul’gos, Sanivlize and Saleos. After encountering and making some sort of pact with the horned demon Ugarto, Bogey entered the facility of Manufacterie and created life there out of strange components. He was slain in the fire cave behind this facility, but rose thereafter, recycled, and rejoined his companions.

Character sheet: Bogey Noodleswrigger


Bogey Noodleswrigger

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