The Failure

The Failure and Manufacterie

The Failure is the name given to an artificial life form created by the drow Manufacterie from both biological and mechanical material and bootlegged monstruum, which Manufacterie used in an unprecedented manner to somehow infuse an identity into the parent body, rather than a discrete entity. The Failure served as the servant and companion for Manufacterie and, to a lesser extent, Manufacterie’s colleague Fabrikati, who greeted the Failure’s arrival with a degree of trepidation. It was Fabrikati who first dubbed the creature “The Failure”, as Manufacterie did not feel he could safely enable the creature’s free will.

After decades of companionship the Failure asked Manufacterie if he loved Manufacterie because he simply did or because he had no choice. It was at this point that a guilty Manufacterie enabled the creature’s free will, and drove the creature insane. It struck out in dumb fury and crushed the skull of Fabrikati, and raged mindlessly through Manufacterie’s underground complex until being finally slain in single combat in the tunnels by Xul’gos, who took the creature’s rib cage and breastplate as his shield.

Xul’gos and his companions, primarily with the assistance of goblin embalmer Bogey Noodleswrigger, managed to revive the Failure’s brain long enough to ask it several questions, to little avail. Manufacterie watched the procedure carefully.

The current state of the Failure is illustrated below.

Failure Remains

The Failure

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